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The Tung Drum is a beautifully sounding musical instrument that is also a truly unique piece of art.

A melodic hardwood Instrument that took it’s earliest form as a hollowed out tree, played using branches and sticks. Today Tung Drum Company produce something that is profoundly more advanced in terms of design and musical capabilities, exploring the vastly unique characteristics of exotic hardwoods to produce melody and sound.


What we do…

All of our Tung drums are carefully handcrafted by Jake McCarthy in Dublin, Ireland using only the highest quality exotic woods from around the world. Each piece is individually selected for it’s distinctive characteristics, thus every drum created is completely unique in both sound and appearance.

From start to finish our tung drums are made, tuned and finished by hand. A mixture of oils and beeswax is used for the finish to preserve the natural beauty of each piece.

What is a Tung Drum?

The two main components of a Tung Drum are the tongues, and the box. The tongues produce the sound and melody, while the box enhances the volume within it’s chamber creating an effect similar in many ways to the human voice box.

When you strike the tongue with a hand or mallet, a melodic sound resonates from the drum. The sound that you hear is produced entirely by the wood, and can be tuned to suite any melody or musical scale.


We strive to produce an instrument that is beautiful to both the eye and the ear, but also something that can be played by almost anybody. Our Tung Drums are tuned in a harmonic chorded fashion. This allows the beginner and the professional to play the instrument with ease and create music without any previous experience.

Because our tung drums are presented with a relatively modest number of notes compared to a piano or a guitar, they give a very different musical experience and force the player to get creative. Musicians an non musicians alike are drawn to this instrument for many different reasons.

Standard Drums

Our standard Tung Drum range has something for everyone.

We offer a choice on tonewoods and boxwoods for your drum, which when selected show a visual preview to give an idea of what the final product will look like. A choice of standard tunings are also available for each of our tung drums and can be previewed in the videos shown within the dru

m category. To view our standard range of tung drums click here.

Custom Options

We have several Tung Drum models that can be ordered as standard, but for those in search of something more specific we offer some custom options.

You can choose any combination of tonewoods and boxwoods, and also have your tung drum custom tuned to a desired sound or melodic scale. We even offer the option of custom designs. For more info on Tung Drum Customization click here.

tung drum

tung drum

tung drum

tung drum

*Each tung drum is individually handcrafted for each customer within a period of 2 – 3 weeks (you will be notified of exact time period once the order is placed), and shipped worldwide via courier.