TUNG Drum Company

Tundra 10 Key

10 Key “TUNDRA”

Our 10 Key TUNDRA model is the all-rounder of the Tongue Drum world.

We tune these drums in a harmonic chorded style with a chord on either side of the instrument. The fact that they are tuned harmonically means that there are no “wrong” notes, allowing for an enjoyable musical experience that can be achieved with relative ease.

We encourage you to get creative with the tuning of these drums. If you have any tuning ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us. But as with all of our models we offer some standard tunings that can be heard in the videos below.

The TUNDRA is particularly comfortable to play using hands. This is due to the perfectly rounded edges of the drum and the location of tongues. But the preference differs with the player, as many people gravitate towards the use of our quality rubber mallets. Each option offers a vastly different playing experience and sound.

In terms of tonewood for the 10 Key, Padouk emits a very vibrant sound with lots of projection and tone, while Purple Heart produces a very controlled sound with very few overtones.

Features include:

  • Individually Handcrafted
  • Choice of Exotic Hardwoods
  • Standard and Custom tunings available
  • 10 Keys
  • Quality rubber mallets

TOP: Padouk, Panga Panga, Canary
SIDES: Maple, Walnut
**for CUSTOM woods please contact us**

1. T1 (C/D MAJOR)
2. T2 (C/C# MINOR)

Worldwide Shipping (Europe: €45 / Rest of World: €65)

PRICE: €535

PLEASE NOTE: Although we can replicate certain tunings, the sound of the finished product may differ slightly from one instrument to the next. This is due to the distinctive differences of every individual piece of wood, in which characteristics and ultimately sound will be unique to that particular instrument.