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Janka 12 Key

12 Key “JANKA”

The 12 Key JANKA tongue drum is our largest and most versatile model.

One of the unique features of this drum is the chord in every corner. This intriguing feature allows the player to achieve a vast array of progressions and combinations of notes. We most commonly tune the Janka drum to a 1, 6, 5, 4 chord progression. This particular sequence has been used in thousands of songs by artists since the start of the recording age, and is still as popular today being the most commonly used progression in music.

The Janka is the perfect companion for the experimental and traditional songwriter. It can be played alongside many popular songs, and for this reason it is the most versatile instrument that we make. The melodic capabilities of the 12 keys is substantial. Custom tunings of many different types can be achieved in the vast majority of cases due to the flexible key layout.

This tongue drum is extremely comfortable to play using hands or mallets, and depending on the vantage point of the player the drum will offer a very different playing experience.

In terms of tonewood for the 12 Key, Padouk emits a very vibrant sound with lots of projection and tone, while Purple Heart and Wenge produce a very controlled sound with very few overtones.

Features include:

  • Individually Handcrafted
  • Standard and Custom tunings available
  • Chord in Every Corner
  • 12 Keys
  • Quality rubber mallets

TOP: Padouk, Canary
SIDES: Walnut

. G Major
J2. A Major
J3. D Minor ‘Celtic’

PRICE: €595
Worldwide Shipping (Europe: €45 / Rest of World: €65)

PLEASE NOTE: Although we can replicate certain tunings, the sound of the finished product may differ slightly from one instrument to the next. This is due to the distinctive differences of every individual piece of wood, in which characteristics and ultimately sound will be unique to that particular instrument.