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TUNGA – Hardwood Handpan ™

hardwood handpan

Introducing the worlds first Hardwood Handpan TUNGA.

TUNGA Drum ™

We are very proud to say that the TUNGA Drum is an official creation of TUNG Drum Company.

Combining the warm sound of Melodic Hardwood with the cathedral like presence of a Steel Pan Shell. This is an instrument of true innovation.

What is a TUNGA?

The TUNGA Hardwood Handpan consists of three main elements; the Keys, the Wood and the Steel Pan.

The Keys or tongues of the drum are what create the melodic sound. Each of these keys is tuned to a specific note, and collectively the keys are tuned to form chords.

The Wood is what makes the keys, but it also offers a percussive element around the outer parts of the drum, allowing the player to access an array of different sounds. We stock a wide range of exotic hardwoods to choose from.

And finally the Steel Pan Shell is the part of the drum that acts as the resonance chamber. This key element is what takes the natural sound of the wood and gives it an abundance of projection, resonance and what can only be described as a cathedral like presence.

Features Include:

  • Quality Sustainable Hardwoods
  • Steel pan shell (Professionally Nitrided)
  • Melodically tuned keys (choice of tunings)
  • Percussive side wood
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Shipped Worldwide
  • Optional quality reinforced case (€170 extra)
  • Custom Tunings Available (no extra cost)
  • Custom Woods Available

**Worldwide Shipping** (EU €65 / USA €85)

TUNGA 12 Key: €795
TUNGA 14 Key: €845

Please Note: Each drum is MADE TO ORDER. Our current waiting period is 6 – 8 weeks.
hardwood handpan


Please note: This instrument is currently PATENT PENDING with full protection.

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