TUNG Drum Company

About Us

A Note From The Maker..

TUNG Drum Company was set up by Jake McCarthy in July 2016.

“I have always had a strong passion for music and rhythm, and the instruments that help create them. My journey began at an early age with Cuban percussion, Congas, Bonjo’s and Timbales. My Dad was heavily involved in the scene so my house was a playground full of things you could give a good smack. I played Piano for several years after that but eventually found my most comfortable place in music, behind a drum kit.

Working as part of The Irish Concertina Company, I got to experience the intriguing world of instrument making. Five of us worked together in crafting stunning, professional Concertinas made of exotic hardwoods and hundreds of moving parts. It was here that I got a taste for making musical instruments. I took everything that I had learned with Concertinas and decided to utilize that knowledge in creating my own instruments.

I started making Tongue Drums in early 2016. After months of research and a series of evolution’s and prototypes, I finally had the first production model. The tongue drums were given to various players to try. I took as much of their feedback on board as I possibly could, and used that information to improve the instrument with every iteration. The journey in creating a professional Tongue Drum that I had such high standards for was exciting and very rewarding.

I am truly addicted to making these instruments. There is something uniquely satisfying about turning a pile of timber into something that makes music. The realms of possibilities for me are truly endless, there is always a new idea, a new sound or a new direction just waiting to be explored.

For me a tongue drum is one of the worlds most naturally beautiful creations. It takes a piece of something which once lived among us towering high above our reach, and gives it a voice of melody.”

Jake McCarthy, Tung Drum Company