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Box Tongue Drums

Box Tongue Drums

Our range of Box Drums are made with the authentic Tongue Drum sound in mind.

The sound is made entirely from the wood itself which resonates beautifully within the hardwood chamber. Each wooden key is hand carved underneath to achieve the desired note and frequency.

There are a very limited number of wood species that can be used for the top section (where the keys are cut). These include African Padauk(Deep Red), Canary(Golden Yellow) and Wenge(Dark Brown). These woods contain the qualities necessary to produce a stable melodic sound with plenty of sustain.

The side section of these instruments is less important in terms of the overall sound, allowing you to choose a piece which reflects your own personality or taste. Creating an instrument that is unique and bespoke.


  • 10 Key TUNDRA Model (€535 / $575)

This drum is representative of the classic tongue drum concept. Tuned to a slighty higher range than the 12 key, it gives the player an enjoyable experience and is the perfect introduction to the world of melodic percussion. More info click here.

  • 12 Key JANKA Model (€595 / $645)

Our most modern and versatile tongue drum. The Janka is tuned in a way which gives the player more options in terms of songwriting and sound exploration. One of the unique features of this drum is the chord in every corner (4 chords in total). This allows the player to explore different progressions, opening various options for songwriting and melody. More info click here.

Both instruments are comfortable to play using both hands and mallets.

Features include:

  • Individually Handcrafted
  • Standard and Custom Tunings Available
  • Custom Woods Available
  • Rubber Mallets Included
  • Shipped Worldwide

Worldwide Shipping (Europe: €45 / Rest of World: €65)

PLEASE NOTE: Although we can replicate certain tunings, the sound of the finished product may differ slightly from one instrument to the next. This is due to the distinctive differences of every individual piece of wood, in which characteristics and ultimately sound will be unique to that particular instrument.