TUNG Drum Company

Luna 5 Key

5 Key “LUNA”

Our newest model the LUNA has proven to be a popular addition to the Tung Drum range.

This tongue drum is our most compact instrument available. It comes as standard in D minor or C minor, but can be ordered in a variety of different tunings and wood combinations. The tonal qualities of the Luna are deep and rich, with a clear controlled sound. This is due to the specific design of the chamber in relation to the tongues.

A distinctive characteristic of the Luna tongue drum is the crescent moon. While it is clearly a visual piece on the drum, it also acts as a functioning, playable part of the instrument. When struck with a mallet or by hand the moon produces a sound reminiscent to that of a clave or “clack”, adding an entirely different element to co-inside with the melody of the tongues.

Features include:

  • Individually Handcrafted
  • Choice of Exotic Hardwoods
  • D or C minor tuning as standard (Custom tunings available)
  • Playable Moon
  • Compact
  • Quality rubber mallets

TOP: Padouk. Panga Panga, Canary
SIDES: Maple, Walnut
**for CUSTOM woods please contact us**

1. L1 (D MINOR)
2. L2 (C MINOR)

PRICE: €325

PLEASE NOTE: Although we can replicate certain tunings, the sound of the finished product may differ slightly from one instrument to the next. This is due to the distinctive differences of every individual piece of wood, in which characteristics and ultimately sound will be unique to that particular instrument.