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TUNGA 14 Key – Rosewood (D Minor Bass)

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This custom Bass Tunga is made from Bubinga commonly known as Rosewood for the center section, and Purpleheart/Walnut on the sides. Due to the high density of the Rosewood it is suited to lower bass tuning’s.

This tuning has a warm resonance with an abundance of sustain. Gentle wooden tones combined with the cathedral like presence of the steel bottom shell make the Tunga a unique contribution to melodic percussion.

Woods: Bubinga (Rosewood), Purpleheart, Walnut
Tuning: D Minor Bass

Was: €770
Sale Price: €645 ($699)
Quality Rubber Mallets included.

Video of Instrument (Headphones Recommended):




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Rosewood, Purpleheart, Walnut


D Minor (Bass)


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