TUNG Drum Company

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order one of your drums?
Ordering a drum from us is a simple and painless process. To order one of our standard models you can visit the Order page. Once the order comes through we will begin crafting your instrument.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes! We ship worldwide at a reasonable rate and offer free shipping within Ireland.

Are they made by hand or machine?
Unlike many other mass produced tongue drums on the market, our drums are handcrafted entirely from start to finish. They are individually constructed, tuned and finished by hand in our workshop in Dublin, Ireland.

Do I have to be a musician to play these drums?
Absolutely not. Our drums are tuned in a harmonic fashion, which means that there are no “wrong” notes as such. This enables players of all skill levels to get enjoyment and musical sounds out of our drums from the very first try.

How does is work? What makes the sound?
There are two main components to a tongue drum; the tongues and the chamber. The tongues are tuned to different melodic notes and when struck with a mallet or by hand they produce a sound. This sound then resonates within the chamber creating volume. In this way, a tongue drum can be quite similar to the vocal chords and voice box of a human.

How do I choose a tongue drum?
We offer several models that can be ordered as standard, or alternatively you can choose custom options for your instrument by getting in touch with us. Depending on your budget, desired sound or potential use for the instrument, we will help find something that suites your needs.

Does every drum sound the same?
Just as every tree is unique in shape and size, every piece of wood is unique in sound. Although we can easily replicate tuning’s we cannot guarantee that one tuning will sound the same as the last. These were once living things remember, and they all have distinct characteristics that make them, and the drum that they become a part of, unique.

What woods do you use?
We use a wide variety of woods for our drums. Wood availability changes from week to week so get in touch to see what special pieces might be available. You can also view a brief list of species on our Custom Woods page.

Do you do special/custom orders?
Yes. Woods, Tunings, Design, we are open to all and any suggestions when it comes to customizing your drum. Looking for something 100% unique and one of a kind? Get in touch with us. For more info visit our Custom Drums page.

Do you have a price list?
The prices of our standard models are listed in the Order section of the site. For custom orders we quote separately depending on the model, wood types and tuning. Get in touch with us here.